1. General

These Terms of Use ("Terms") apply to use of the BILLY AS, Org nr: 25.924.318 ("Seller of Goods") mobile payment app. The Seller of Goods may hereafter be referred to as a "we" or "us".

The Terms are applicable to anyone visiting or using the Service ("User" or "you"), whether as a guest or registered user. Please read the Terms carefully as they set out the terms of use of the Service.

By accepting the Terms, you agree to be bound by the Terms, and to follow them. If you do not agree to these Terms, please do not use the Service.

The Service involves processing of personal data about Users. Please see the Privacy Policy below for information on how we treat your personal data.

2. Registration

Registration is not required to make a purchase.

Registration allows you to see purchase history and download copies of previous receipts.

You must be at least 16 years old to register an account. It is your responsibility that the information registered is correct and updated. You are also responsible for ensuring the ongoing confidentiality of your username and password. Note that you are responsible for all use of your account, whether authorized or not.

You must immediately notify the us if you become aware of any unauthorized use of your account or information. We reserve the right to shut down your account or take other measures we find necessary to prevent misuse of your account. In such case you will be notified.

Access to the Service is offered free of charge.

3. Prices

Prices, which are quoted in the app or webshop, include VAT. Information on the total cost the User shall pay, inclusive of all taxes (VAT, customs, etc.) as well as specification of the individual elements of the total price, is provided to the User prior to an order being made. All prices in the Service is in the local currency of the Seller of Goods, unless otherwise stated.

4. Payment

An agreement is binding on the Seller of Goods and the User when the User’s payment is received by the Seller of Goods. A party is not bound by the agreement if there has been a writing or typing error in the quotation from the Seller of Goods in the app or in the webshop or in the User’s order, and the other party realized or should have realized that it was such a mistake.

The User is responsible for incorrect purchaces. These include but are not limited to:

i. Incorrect purchase (not what the User wanted to order);
ii. Unintentional purchase made as a result of unintentionally touching a device while the Service is active.

When payment is complete, you will get a receipt in the app. You can also register your email address to receive a receipt on email.

5. Right to cancel

Due to the perishable nature of the goods sold, the sale is exempt from regular cancellation right by law. To submit a request for a cancellation, please contact the us in the store, or at hei@billystorhandel.no.

If the goods have expired at time of purchase, or is in poor condition, please contact the shop where you made the purchase.

6. Intellectual property rights

All content, materials and data to which you obtain access by use of the Service, including but not limited to names, logos, trademarks, text, pictures, etc. ("Contents"), either belongs to the Seller of Goods or is used with permission from outrsuppliers. It is forbidden to copy, alter or in any other way use Content without the prior consent from the Party holding the relevant rights.

7. Misuse of the Service

You are responsible for using the Service in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with these Terms. The User shall adhere to applicable national legislation for ordering alcohol, including age restrictions in this respect. Losses due to offense or attempted offense are not refundable.

You are responsible for misuse of the Service. Such misuse includes, but is not limited to:

i. Use of another person’s phone number;
ii. Use of another person’s phone or other tool to use the Service;
iii. Spying on someone else’s bill;
iv. Attempting to log in with someone else’s user information;
v. Registering another person without consent.

8. Limitations of liability

No guarantees
We will do our utmost to ensure that the Service are fully operational. However, due to the nature of the internet, we cannot guarantee that the Service are free from delays, interruptions or errors.

Force majeure
We have no responsibility to reimburse the User for anything that might be a violation of these Terms if the breach has occurred due to a force majeure event, i.e. circumstances beyond our control such as natural disasters, serious technical defects, state of war, labour conflicts, missing/faulty internet connections etc.

Responsibility for content

We do our utmost to ensure that the information in the Service is accurate and current at time of publication, but we make no conditions, representations or warranties (explicit or implied) as to the reliability, accuracy and completeness of this information. We disclaim any responsibility for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising from the use of the Service, including any actions taken in reliance on any information appearing on these.

9. Actions taken to prevent misuse

We reserve the right to take all necessary actions, including shutdown, deletion and removal of material, if the User violates the Terms, applicable law. This includes, but is not limited to phone numbers that are secret, unregistered, foreign, or phone numbers that do not belong to natural persons or which cannot be verified as mobile number.

10. Changes to the Terms and the Service

We reserve the right to at any time make changes to the Service and / or these Terms for any reason. You will always find the latest version of the Terms here. If substantial changes are made to the Terms or the Service which are to the disadvantage of Users, we will place a notice in the app. The latter do not apply if the change is required by law or an obligation towards a third party, or if an obligation is transferred to a company within the same company group. If you disagree with a change, you must stop using the Service.

11. Creation of links to the Service

You can create links to our website or app on the following conditions:

i. The link is created in a proper and legal manner which respects our intellectual property rights or third party intellectual property rights and which does not harm or exploit our or a third party's reputation;
ii. Links must not be used in such a way that the impression is given of a connection, approval or endorsement; on our part where none exists. You are not permitted to make a link where your website contains content that is distasteful, offensive or controversial, infringes any intellectual property rights or other rights of persons, or otherwise not in compliance with applicable laws and regulations;
iii. You must not create a link from a website that you do not own;
iv. There must be no “framing” of the Service to other websites;
v. You must not create a link to any other part of our website than the home page.

We reserve the right, for any reason and at any time, to withdraw permission to create links, without prior notice to you.

12. Creation of links to the Service

If the Service has links to other sites and resources provided by third parties, these links are for informational purposes only. A link to another website does not express endorsement of its provider, products or services. We have no control over the content of those sites and is not responsible for these. We are not responsible for loss or damage arising out of your use of the sites, or any actions taken in reliance on the content of these pages.

13. Assignment

We are entitled to transfer your account and personal data to another group company or to a third party if such transfer is due to an assignment of our company and associated business.

14. Indemnification

You agree to ensure that we are not harmed by any legal proceedings brought against us to the extent that such proceedings arise out of your use of the Service in breach of the Terms. This includes, but is not limited to infringements of intellectual property rights and any claim for defamation arising from your use of the Service.

15. Waiver

If the User violates these Terms and we take no action, we will still have our rights and legal options in respect to any other situation where the User breach these Terms.

16. Miscellaneous

If any of the Terms is deemed invalid, void or for any other reason unenforceable, that condition shall be deemed separate and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining terms and conditions.

17. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The Terms are subject to Norwegian law. Any disputes arising out of the Terms or use of the Service shall be brought before Oslo district court, unless the User according to applicable law can choose another court.

18. Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the Terms, please contact the Seller of Goods at the hei@billystorhandel.no

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